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Why do we use cookies?

When you visit our site we keep essential cookies in your browser so that we can register your session as you navigate from page to page.

This information is used for statistics and monitoring the navigation of users on our website. In this way we can understand the preferences of our visitors and improve their experience, creating content that is more relevant to our visitors.

Type of cookies

Most of these cookies are just essential cookies to introduce you to certain types of content and offer functionalities. They give us aggregate information and do not allow us to know who a particular user is. Other cookies are for statistical purposes and provide us with some personal data (not personally identifiable) such as, the IP you access, the browser you are using, the location you are accessing from, etc.

Cookies can be linked together allowing us to understand more about users and their online activities.

Google Analytics cookies: these are strictly for statistical purposes and are stored for 24 months. You can find out about the google analytics privacy policy at the following link:

You are able to disable the Google Analytics tracking tools on Google’s official link:

Re-marketing and Advertising Cookies: These cookies are saved by online advertising services in order to show ads aimed at your preferences and record preview results and clicks on the ads displayed. They allow us to show you more relevant ads according to your online activity and your preferences. They may also use information from your visit to our website to show you ads on other sites you visit.

Some advertising services enable users to decide on the use of their information, allowing them to refuse their use to show advertising targeted at their profile. The Google Network allows you to edit your preferences and prevent such information from being used to deliver targeted advertising according to your preferences and online activity. To learn more about these options, check your google account by clicking on this link.

Chat service cookies: when you start a chat on our website, this service’s cookies allow you to go from page to page because they save your session in the conversation so you don’t get lost.

Social media cookies: We use Facebook cookies to track users who navigate between this social network and our site so we can show ads according to your preferences.


What do we do with this information?

Please be aware that all of your information is only used by Compuworks and is not transferred to third parties except to provide support and maintenance services to our company. These entities and services guarantee us the confidentiality of your information and the non-use of your data outside the scope of the services they provide us, and only have access to the essential information necessary to provide us with such services.

To know more, you can read our complete Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of Use of your personal data.


Cookies Permission

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Your Rights

Viewing our website does not require you to use cookies.

You are absolutely welcome to disable the registration of all cookies in your browser and continue browsing our website, but you may lose some functionalities.

For more information on how cookies work and how you can delete or disable cookies, check the following website:

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